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Having served blinged-out jewelry lovers for over 5 years, we at LAMUCH JEWELRY pride ourselves on delivering quality pieces that set themselves apart from other jewelry in the hip-hop jewelry industry. One of the hip-hop jewelry manufacturers in the CHINA, we have built our reputation on giving urban jewelry lovers custom pieces that are crafted with iced out detailing that will complement their street style. Based in the heart of Putian City YuKuan E-comence Limited Company, LAMUCH JEWELRY offers sparkling jewels that are sure to add instant swagger to any hip-hop head’s look. For the street cat that wants to roll out in style, our million-dollar quality rocks are everything that you’ve wanted without the weight of a big price tag. It is with that in mind that we’re upgrading our company to a user-friendly e-commerce platform that will allow hip-hop jewelry lovers from around the world to shop for Lamuch jewelry from the comfort of their computers, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Our love for urban culture has always been the inspiration behind LAMUCH JEWELRY’ choice in street style jewelry, as we go above and beyond to give our customers pieces that they can wear with their freshest gear. Relying on a team of expert jewelry designers to create chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces that are made with silver and gold, the objective is to deliver a variety of cool custom-made styles that will complement the hip-hop lifestyle of both the old-school B-boy and the new-school business mogul. Iced out men's genuine diamond bracelets, earrings, rings are just a few of the many rocks that you’ll be able to cop from our website, while our variety of Cuban link, Franco, puff, anchor, Byzantine, and chains will offer you plenty of options to sport that swag without breaking the bank. which will make a great complement to the cross, pharaoh, angel, or Jesus head pendants that are part of our tricked out collection.

Whether you’re the high-end shopper who wants manufactured custom bling that will flatter your tailored suits or the average consumer who wants a rock that will complement your everyday street style, LAMUCH JEWELRY is the best site for all of your hip-hop jewelry needs. After all, everyone deserves to be treated to the kind of bling that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of. If you’re one of the urban jewelry lovers that can’t get enough of our hip-hop jewelry, we’d love for you to get an up close and personal look at our bling in our jewelry showcase. Discover why the industry’s hottest artists, celebrities, stylists, and other VIP shoppers can’t stop shopping with us by checking out our collection of price-savvy pieces on our easy-to-use shopping website. You’ll never be the same once you see the many ways that LAMUCH JEWELRY is killing it in the jewelry industry game!

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