Some Tips Help You With Your Bracelet Selection
07.30.2022 | | Iced Out Jewelry

The Bracelet has accompanied humans over thoudsands of years. It can be regarded as the element of human beauty. As is known to us all, being beautiful or handsome is the persuit of all humans whenever  and wherever we are or were. So in the solemn occasion, we will often see people wearing different kinds of beautiful bracelets in their wrist, some of which are even unique and attract people’s eyes. Although bracelets have been so important as a valuable decoration, as to selection, people will still often be headache to do the final decision.Today, I am going to talk about some tips on the bracelet selection and hope they will work in your daily life. If you want to share your comments or advisement, you can directly contact us through emails or social medias.

Iced Out Zircon Round Ball Chain Gold/White Gold/White Gold Pink, Ball Width 8.5mm


There Are three styles often seen in the bracelet market

The first in our mind when mentioning the bracelet will be the chain, a traditional and classicl bracelet with many kinds of designs that have one thing in common among all that all styles are not so complicated but very fashionable and are favored by lots of people. The materials are generally the metals from the cheaper one to the precious one like the gold. When you plan to purchase this kind, you should take the following factors into consideration as a first tip. Writing down the materials you would like and styles attracting you before purchasing will save you plenty of time.

The second one appearing in your mind may be the Pearl bracelet. The advange, in my view, is the lightweight and the flawless appearance. Especially for females, it can match almost clothes or suits in fact. So it is more proper for the people who like simpility and purity.

The third one is Bangle that is also very lightweight and very thin. They are most made of metals as well. This kind of bracelet often worn with several together and their clinking together will make a pleasant sound.It is more fit for young girls to wear in daily life. Recent years another kind of bracelet called iced out bracelet is also very welcome by yougn women and men.

Iced Out Gold/White Gold Heart Bracelet 2mm

Some Introduction of Chain Types

There are nine types of chains actually and they are beed, mesh, snake, byzantine, rolo, venetian/box, cable, rope, and wheat. If you are not familiar with bracelet chains, you should also need to know about them. Different chains will give you different feelings when wearing it. And the decoration will varies with the chains in fact. Before purchasing, you’d better clearly think of what chains you really want . Iced out jewelry will also have some requirement to the chains, which will give the wearer more comfortable feeling with it on.


Iced Out White Gold/Gold Miami 3D Cuban Bracelet 18mm